Explanation of Artist

Sorry about the lack of updates folks, but I've been too busy hyperventilating in a corner since I found out Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti are playing Whelan's on May 15th.  Ohhh mmyyyy goddd.

Also coming: Grouper and Mi Ami. They say missing out on an Animal Collective ticket will come back to you threefold, and it has.

On my recent trek through the annals of DIY/lo-fi, I've been turned onto the mind-blowing R. Stevie Moore, bedsit recording extraordinaire. You couldn't write this guy if you tried.

He released Phonography in 1976, and it's the kind of album David Byrne couldn't have dreamed of writing at his peak. You'll notice some serious similarities between Moore and Ariel Pink (who've collaborated by mail), not only the obvious DIY roots, but a strong likeness between songs such as "Alecia" (former) and "Alisa" (latter). I like the idea of homage and constant exchange between the work of each throwing creative ownership into question. 

[[Somewhat appropriately, Phonography will be the last full album I'll offer for download here. I don't feel great about doing so and to be honest I could do without being hunted down by KGB-esque industry 'bots.]]

Do download this, though. It's a fucking epiphany. One of the best sounds I've ever heard.


Your Talk Won't Walk No More

It took me a while to get into this E.P. It's been swimming 'round my ipod for a month or so and I'm not really sure when my opinion went from 'meh' to 'hmmmm'. Isn't it weird the way certain albums will totally pass you by as unremarkable until a certain moment when it all seems to fall together because of some shift in mood or atmosphere? My case in point: Black Dice. I have no idea what changed, but now I'm crazy about Repo [2009] where before I was using it as an excuse to reprimand myself for filling my hard drive with irrelevant, pretentious shite.

As you may have already guessed I am not a natural music journo, in fact I don't read the printed music press at all, so I will provide you with this tiny, vague amount of non-information about Cold Cave:

- his name is Wesley Eisloid, from Philadelphia.
- Xiu Xiu love him [I swear to god these XX favourites I tend to hit on are total coincidences -it's kind of flattering to the ego...]
- this E.P. sounds a lot like Gary Numan pursuing Ian Curtis down a sewer. 
- the cover is so dreadful it's practically genius... the guy looks like he's battling his way through the most boring dinner date in history. Boasting a history of dating gamers, academics and Satanists, I can relate.