Your Talk Won't Walk No More

It took me a while to get into this E.P. It's been swimming 'round my ipod for a month or so and I'm not really sure when my opinion went from 'meh' to 'hmmmm'. Isn't it weird the way certain albums will totally pass you by as unremarkable until a certain moment when it all seems to fall together because of some shift in mood or atmosphere? My case in point: Black Dice. I have no idea what changed, but now I'm crazy about Repo [2009] where before I was using it as an excuse to reprimand myself for filling my hard drive with irrelevant, pretentious shite.

As you may have already guessed I am not a natural music journo, in fact I don't read the printed music press at all, so I will provide you with this tiny, vague amount of non-information about Cold Cave:

- his name is Wesley Eisloid, from Philadelphia.
- Xiu Xiu love him [I swear to god these XX favourites I tend to hit on are total coincidences -it's kind of flattering to the ego...]
- this E.P. sounds a lot like Gary Numan pursuing Ian Curtis down a sewer. 
- the cover is so dreadful it's practically genius... the guy looks like he's battling his way through the most boring dinner date in history. Boasting a history of dating gamers, academics and Satanists, I can relate.


  1. I've had the Cold Cave EP for a while now, never got around to listening to it. Will now.

    What do you think of "Load Blown"?

  2. 'filling my hard drive with irrelevant, pretentious shite'
    Dude, this is the reason for technology!Indulge the bejesus out of it.
    And I'm with you on Black Dice's Repo; it's a grower. It's also before Blank Dogs on my mp3 player so many days on the bus are savage aural noisefests.

  3. ape: i ain't heard 'load blown' yet, but i'll be checking it out if it's anywhere near as good as 'repo'. fantastic stuff...

  4. adam: i've had a long-term problem with hard drive space. i buy laptops, fill them with random shite i might like and end up never listening to and forget to delete, so a year later i'm sitting with 2MB of space left and four inexplicable french cafe chanson collections... yeah.

  5. Gary Numan pursuing Ian Curtis down a sewer

    coolest description I've heard all year :)

  6. Once you've noticed that something is an example of irrelevant shite, it's no longer an example of irrelevant shite.

    The true irrelevant shite is when someone else sees your library or whatever and says "what's this?" and you genuinely don't know, and can't remember when you got it or where you got it from.

  7. Skinny wolves were tring to bring them over, no joy though,
    the second song on this rips off this alot