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Darling Blogspot, I am *this* close to moving to Wordpress.

If you know anything about me, you also know that I poo my pants at anything that sounds vaguely like Boards of Canada. Early, mid, late period, it doesn't matter. I know a few of you are also BOC fans, so this post is bringing two BOC-like or inspired acts to your attention. While the first, Casino Vs. Japan is quite derivative of later BOC, I would suggest that this doesn't necessarily mean that his work is bad. What's more, Whole Numbers Play the Basics (2002) sounds more like Trans-Canada Highway (2006), so perhaps BOC 'derived' from CVJ? Who knows... whatever the case, let it be known that Pitchfork is (surprise surprise) wrong about this artist.

I like that sometimes we stumble upon something really brilliant, totally by accident. This is true in the case of Bibio, or producer Stephen Wilkinson from Mush Records (Thavius Beck, Busdriver, Daedelus). I believe I read this described as 'folktronica' once. Think of early lofi BOC with acoustic guitars and old pianos thrown in. This is a truly elegant, overlooked album which I play pretty much every day:


  1. Have you heard Christ.? I think you'd like his stuff. I'll scrabble around for an album for ya.

    Oh yes, and early gig on Saturday (5pm-8pm!) in the Box Social with Patrick:

  2. Wordpress?!

    Sell out.

    I'll be preferring your early stuff for the rest of your blog career.

  3. hi
    i just discovered your lovely blog and you have awesome taste in music!!!

  4. Ape, sorry I couldn't make it on Saturday, been in bed with the flu for days. How was the gig?

    I did try Christ a while ago, was a bit nonplussed... surely dig up what you think i'd like though, i'm open-minded :)

  5. Niamh, yeah you are bang on about pitchfork and casinovsjapan. I remember scratching my head at that very review. Fucking awesome music.