-ended a long-termer.
-was mental, then mental no more.
-sat on the left bank in paris, smoking, guzzling coffee and accepting the greatest reward known -to man (hipsters):  being repeatedly mistaken for a parisian. love it. 
-offered calvin johnson a fag. he frowned. i sniggered.
-contracted acute tonsilitis.
-wrote a dissertation.
-played croquet.
-watched fireworks from the top of primrose hill.
-continued to snog andy.
-received my first chanel products. (i really am this shallow).
-wrote songs.
-saw a black american president elected, live.
-dated an 'alpha male'.
-was flashed on stephen's green.
-played at d.e.a.f.
-saw eamon dunphy in superquinn, nell mccafferty in centra, and ann doyle on my street, thus adding to my impressive collection of irish 'celebrity' encounters. 2007's topper was ryan tubridy taking a bijou strollette on dun laoghaire pier (patch-denim double-breasted jacket and slacks, natch). 2006's was drunken gerry ryan handing a €20 tip to my then-hefty bosom. or maybe it was hosting a quiz with a very nice ray shah. see? impressive.
-chaired a society.
-befriended somebody born in the 1950s.
-befriended somebody born in the 1990s. deary me.
-met the editor of the herald tribune, a war crimes judge and an olympic athlete.
-bought a macbook.
-attended a masquerade ball.
-felt glad i was 23, not 19. erk.
-drank cosmopolitans.
-protested numerous times outside leinster house.
-hosted a reception, a pub quiz and a swapshop. 
-got to grips with new music as opposed to the classics.

-i'm possibly a wagon.
-life goes on whether or not you decide to get out of bed. hardly anybody cares (if you're lucky),  so suck it up.
-i've become capable of sniffing out one nice person from a crowd of bastards, like a hog to a truffle. mmsnorksnrok.
-starbuck's is very, very bad, but also very, very good.
-it's gonna take a miracle to convince me out of singlehood from now until i'm 30. i only seem to attract boring men and mental women. this is a problem, as i am attracted to neither.
-new things make me happy. new people, music, places.
-platonic is goodtonic.
-what you want and what you need are often different things altogether. unfortunately. so what you're searching for may ultimately be bad for you. sigh. macbeth, anyone?
-basic daily comforts are important. a tidy room. a pretty hat. a good friend.
-things can change totally within a matter of months.
-i can't stay in dbln past graduation.
-appreciate a good economy while it exists.

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