I'm telling you something you probably already know: Jeff Mills is God. Few bad things come out of Detroit, if you forget Marshall Mathers, The Von Bondies and massive levels of gun crime. 

Some of you mighta caught his show at Tripod last April. I was too ridden with tonsilitis at the time, but luckily he seems to pop up in Ireland on what seems like a yearly basis, so it won't be too long 'til I get a chance to see him live and possibly jump on him.

You won't regret downloading these tracks. They were released fifteen years ago and wouldn't have aged a day if only Mills didn't have a tendency to outdo himself with every release. If you're familiar with how difficult it is to create even the worst of techno (or even if you aren't), you'll get his genius.

MP3: "Life Cycle

This is probably my favourite Mills track:

MP3: "Hypnotist" [2002]


  1. V. funny! You going to The Field in Crawdaddy? Should be amazing. I saw him to a half-hour set in London in the rain in the summer. Stirring stuff.

  2. ... if I have enough money for the ticket, I will. Mad prices we have to pay for a slice of culture in this city, it's a crime.

  3. Was at that Jeff Mills gig to review it for drop-d.
    The irony being that who i was writing it for was exactly what i did and it was absolutely brilliant.