Luckily for you I'm taking half an hour out of being a boring library-going fuckhead to introduce you to a band with whom I'm conducting a torrid after-hours affair.

They were The Embarrassment, purveyers of a specific genre they called "Blister Pop", and they existed between 1979 and 1983. The first thing I thought when I heard the song "Sex Drive" was that Kurt Cobain had basically lifted that razor-sharp overdrive straight from this band, magpie that he was. Shonen Knife did cover "Faith Healer" on 712 [1991], so it's quite possible. (Not that it isn't obvious that The Embarrassment were listening to Joy Division at the time).

Whatever about Cobain though (snore), what I'm trying to convey is the apparently invisible influence of The Embarrassment, not to mention how ridiculous it is that they never really got recognition outside of indie circles. Essentially, they were a little too ahead of their time - musically as well as lyrically - their subjects (art college, talking to girls, having sex, being a boy) delivered with a kind of ironic knowing-ness that would have been difficult for the mainstream to digest. 

MP3: The Embarrassment - "(I'm a) Don Juan"
MP3: The Embarrassment - "Patio Set"

Extra points awarded for rhyming "lawn chair" with "mon chere" in the latter. How much do you LOVE post-punk, seriously?

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