MUSIC 2008

atlas sound - let the blind lead those who can see but cannot feel, vivian girls - vivian girls, sebastien tellier - sexuality, wavves - wavves, parenthetical girls - entanglements, mahjonng - kontpab, deerhunter - microcastle, kathleen edwards - asking for flowers, women - women, abe vigoda - skeleton, cut copy - in ghost colours, crystal stilts - alight of night, m83 - saturdays = youth, crystal castles - crystal castles

boredoms, ekkehard ehlers, david bowie (berlin), the embarrassment, busy p, afx, john cale, grandaddy, the ohsees, grandmaster flash, dopplereffekt, glass candy, the clientele, casino versus japan, smog/bill callahan, run dmc, the presets, holy fuck, grizzly bear, lou reed, pavement/steve malkmus, ricardo villalobos


  1. Hi Niamh, your blog's started very nicely indeed. Noticed your comment on Asleep On The Compost Heap and wandered over here. You might be interested in a mixtape I made a while back:


    Anyway, I'll keep an eye on this place and blogroll you, if that's even a verb.

  2. Niamh I'm putting you on my blogroll too. But what in the name of god is your blog name? Does it decode? can you decode it for me? Am I meant ot read it phonetically?

  3. It's the name of an Aphex song, off Drukqs. Jynweythek Ylow is Cornish for "electronic machine music".


    (Jyn, not Jyen, by the way!)

  4. Hello Ape - thanks for the blogrolling, I'll return the favour gladly. have we met or are you anonymous? both of those things are fine actually, just glad to have people reading this thing.

    (thanks for the correction - glad to see you love mr james also. i'll check out this mixtape majigg)

  5. Hey Darragh!

    'Niamh Up North' is actually fine, although so is Crying in Yer Face, AND jynweythek ylow. It's cool that you're both linking it, I expected this to be pretty much ignored until i inevitably deleted it...

  6. Ah so there ya have it. I'll change it to that in my blog roll!