It's crazy the amount of hits I'm getting already. You'd think I'd have to actually write something good to get this kind of attention straight away. Thanks to all who are keeping up with the blog anyway.

I want to write about this guy, Seattle's one-man Perfume Genius. I haven't posted a link to a download, precisely because I cannot find this album anywhere. His last.fm bio just says: "Might be dead. Cool guy." What I can tell you about him is that he's likely going to get a lot bigger in 2009, because Xiu Xiu blogged about him, because he is insanely gifted and because he plays irresistably hard-to-get. If you like Chris Garneau, Patrick Wolf and the whole queer indie thing, you'll love this. The rest of his stuff is less intense than below, kind of stripped-down piano work.

He also has a fairly insane Youtube account on which he does some impressive cross-dressing.

p.s. if you track any of his tracks down, TELL ME. I curse the day Myspace abandoned its download option.


  1. try putting his name into google followed by the name of a file hoster like mediafire

  2. thanks darragh, but it's been fruitless. ah well.

  3. http://www.last.fm/music/Perfume+Genius

    There's a dude who said he'll email on tracks if you message him.