This is the jam session you wish you'd had

Thee More Shallow's first verse for "Freshman Thesis" goes:

Before I spoke in riddles, I was worried someone would hear me
Now I know that no one really listens so I will just speak clearly
I don't have private thoughts, just a lyrical worksheet
For mangling my observations on the meter and the beat
And in the process of it, on every line
Sooner or later I'll have to change the meaning to fit the rhyme.

I am writing an undergraduate thesis and similarly struggling with having to dilute my opinions on a topic into chapters and paragraphs. Form: something I've never been good at. I'm toying with the idea of submitting a 12,000 word tape-recorded thesis of nothing but stream-of-consciousness, in-character wailing. Yeah, so it would fail, but then at least the next four months wouldn't signal nothing but an endless pit of futureless gloom. All this, for a grade that doesn't guarantee me a job. January's fun, isn't it kids?

Speaking of stream-of-consciousness wailing, here are MP3s from Mi Ami, my favourite experimental/noise rock band from the excellent White Denim label. This is their best work by far, the African Rhythms 12'' [2008] which has promptly sold out. One of those albums I downloaded and forgot about, only for itunes to cough it up months later as I'm lying in bed, causing me to wonder what the fuck it is and why I haven't been listening to it on a loop until now...

MP3: Mi Ami - "African Rhythms"
MP3: Mi Ami - "Feel You"
MP3: Mi Ami - "Clear Light"


  1. If your avant-thesis approach fails you can always take another leaf from a different Thee More Shallows book and become a Knight At The Night School.

    Quite the same thing has just happened to me with Mi Ami. I think I nabbed it from ill-formed during a late night noise binge and only let my ears have a grope of them now. They're just asking for a hipsterphobic reaction mining African polyrhythm as if Steve Reich never went to Zimbabwe, but the EP's just a little bit irresistible. A bit like eating a bowl of Angel Delight all by yerself and feeling gluttonously nauseous thereafter.

  2. i'm glad i'm not the only one guilty of late-night noise binges, i was beginning to think hopping around my bedroom at 4am was antisocial!!

    mi ami are an odd one - i don't like anything they've done post-'african rhythms', it seems like they hit on something really good and didn't run with it at all. a pity. still, i suppose a flash of brilliance is better than an entire career of mediocrity.