-ranelagh, dublin, ire
-"artistic temperament"
-cannot leave house without mp3 player
-can rarely eat without a book or magazine
-softens with age
-perhaps over-zealously honest
-making an attempt at a lot of things

this blog is meant as 2009's labour of love, apart from my thesis [on irish travellers, least depressing topic IN THE WORLD] and the rest of life in general which seems a bit confusing really.

this is also for opinions, of which i have lots. creating an outlet for them here is a step toward not ranting down the phone at my friends in one of my 4am rages.


  1. Wahey. You have a blog. Was the person born in the 90s Daniel Gray? I think he was born in 1995 or something.

  2. A blog indeedy.

    Was Dan born in the 90s?! That's awful. I'll have to start stealing his lunch money.

    I met several teenagers actually, a very aging experience. I was possibly having a mid-life crisis..

  3. I miss Ranelagh. Lived there for a year and loved it - all those young families put a glow in my cold, black heart.
    And it has a 7th Day Adventist church, just in case I ever fancied a violent uprising. Nice.

  4. Hey Adam.

    I love living here too. It's a little village just outside of town, leafy and rich and quiet. And, thanks to Michael McDowell (who I otherwise loathe), it's relatively safe. I lived in Rathmines for years before I moved here, only slightly to the left, and the improvement is huge.

    Now if only the redbrick i live in wasn't rotting from the inside out...

  5. Yeah, I did a year in Rathmines too, without parole. The contrast is bananas considering their proximity. A rotting redbrick, you say? If it's one of those Chelmsford Road gaffs then it's probably rotting from the outside in too, like mine was.

  6. Yeah, those ones on Chelmsford Rd are dire, my boyfriend used to live in one of them - apparently there was a room at the back filled literally from the floor to the ceiling with the landlord's junk, which caused the walls to break off from the foundations! that was 600 a month of course.

    I live on Rugby Road, off Oxford. S'okay.

  7. Ah yes, where the recycling centre is. Tasty.